About Us

Armedos Omega SA. de CV. (ARMO®) is a Mexican company founded in 2007. ARMO has developed an innovative system that reduces costs for all types of walls thanks to its unique geometric design.


Our mission is to improve the standard of living in developing countries through innovative construction systems, and to help solve the high demand for housing. In order to achieve our goal, we have developed and internationally patented a completely new system.

Our construction system consists of interlocking blocks that can be easily assembled without any binder (mortar), therefore reducing construction materials.

In addition to cost reduction, the need for skilled labor can be considerably minimised, making our system an ideal solution for Do It Yourself projects.

We strive to offer affordable housing designs that can be packaged and delivered to any customer. Our designs are developed by our in-house architects, which enables us to manage projects in sequential phases and adapt to the individual needs of every customer.

Furthermore, we offer licensing possibilities that allow investors to represent our trademark and adopt our business model. With ARMO you get more than just a licensing agreement. We also provide you with all the technical support and expertise you need to chose the production plant that is appropriate to your needs in addition to many further advantages.

We invite you to join the ARMO® group and our vision to solve the global housing crisis.