Armo is more than just a brick, it is a construction system consisting of concrete bricks that are fully interlocking, mortarless and self-aligning. This exceptional system helps build solid and resistant walls without the need of any mixture or binder, thus offering a more rapid, efficient and economical alternative.


ARMO-bricks are manufactured with high quality materials. Its special formula creates a light product without compromising strength and its water resistant capacity.


ahorro en tiempo
Time saving
Up to 50% faster and more efficient than traditional methods.
ahorro en material
Material savings
Less material and construction tools needed. Up to 70% less water.
ahorro mano de obra - ARMO
Easy assembly that requires minimum training.
resistencia - ARMO
Solid constructions
More resistant than traditional construction methods.
instalaciones electricas - ARMO
Hydraulic and electrical
Integrated holes for hydraulic and electrical installations.
sistema sustentable - ARMO
Sustainable system that reduces the use of natural resources.


ventajas termicas y acusticas
Thermic and acoustic
High thermal and acoustic advantages, thanks to its “double face wall”.


Clean and efficient constructions.
Sustainable, resistant and high-quality houses for affordable prices.

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